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PEP with Chas and Dr Dave

Oct 28, 2022

Chas and Dr Dave discuss The Good of Humanity (Who We Love), Avoiding the Wohl Hole, and How Dr Dave Did NOT Teach Jane Coaston Everything She Knows...

0:57 - COVID Correction; 7:12 - Kanye Update; 9:06 - Immigration Update; 13:00 - Debt Ceiling Update; 17:12 - Dave’s GDP Update; 18:17 - Elon Musk & Twitter; 34:20 - The Pennsylvania Debate; 1:08:14 - How Partisans from Both Sides Feel Like They’re Losing; 1:16:40 - 2022 Pot Pourri; 1:23:35 - Kari Lake; 1:35:35 - Progressive Dems’ Ukraine Letter; 1:46:05 - Latest Sanctions Against China; 1:49:54 - Last Minute Squeeze


The Patriotism v Nationalism piece that Dave agreed with

The Classical Liberalism v New Right piece that Dave absolutely did not agree with

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